Bayer is one of the dream companies for students in Brazil

Bayer was chosen as one of the 100 "dream" companies for Brazilian university students according to the survey "Top 100 Ideal Employer 2013", organized by the institute Universum. The company was remembered in six of the seven areas of interest listed - among students related to health, Bayer is the second ranking.


The survey was conducted between February and May with 15,789 students from 72 higher education institutions in the country According to the institute, the study shows "how the university sees these organizations as employers in Brazil and works as an instrument to measure the appeal of these companies with specific target groups." The survey shows Bayer as one of the preferred companies in six areas of interest: Business/Management (54th ranking), Engineering (33th), Law (54th), Humanities (65th), Natural Sciences (9th) and Health (2nd).

This research is part of a global award created by Universum, the "World's Most Attractive Employers", which is based on interviews with 200.000 students of 12 major economies on the planet. Globally, the company was named the 38th company more attractive for young students.

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